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Healthy living combines nutrition and physical activity

Healthful resolutions top most lists in the New Year


It’s a new year and maybe you have set a few resolutions. Perhaps you’ve decided to make a resolution not to make any more resolutions?

In either case, health and wellness are always top of mind after the holiday season and all the indulgences.

Maybe you plan to start a new exercise plan or purchase a gym membership? There are many fitness programs and activities available in Central Pennsylvania. There outdoor activities, of course, in addition to fitness boutiques that are new on the scene. How do you know what the best options are for you and your lifestyle?

Joining Smart Talk to discuss fitness trends and the benefits of an active lifestyle at any age are Brittany Holtz, registered yoga instructor and founder of Studio B Power Yoga with studios in Annville, Hershey and Mechanicsburg, and Laura Deitch, owner of Pure Barre in Mechanicsburg and Lancaster, and a certified Pure Barre Instructor.

Also, if you are committed to being active and healthier in the New Year that may mean taking a closer look your nutrition and diet.

There are a lot of buzz words out there like Keto, anti-inflammatory, no carbs, and intermittent fasting. What does it all mean and how should you eat for a healthy and active lifestyle?

Appearing on Smart Talk to shed some light on healthy eating as part of a healthy lifestyle are Mary Swindlehurst, registered nurse and diabetes educator with WellSpan Health and Peggy Lovelace, Dietitian, also with WellSpan Health.

Mary Swindlehurst, Peggy Lovelace and Laura Deitch appear on Smart Talk on January 14, 2020.

Smart Talk

Mary Swindlehurst, Peggy Lovelace and Laura Deitch appear on Smart Talk on January 14, 2020.


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