Encore of Antiques Roadshow’s visit to Harrisburg

  • Fred Vigeant

It’s hard to believe that it has already been two years since Antiques Roadshow brought their production to Central Pennsylvania.  The popular PBS series taped material for three episodes at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg in 2017.

We’ll enjoy an encore of the three hours of Antiques Roadshow in Harrisburg beginning Monday November 25 at 8:00 pm.  The other two episodes from Harrisburg will broadcast later next month on December 14 and December 21.

November 25 – Treasures include a Pennsylvania Dutch coffeepot, an 1892 H. F. Farny painting, and a René Lalique necklace. Which is valued at $200,000-$300,000 during an emotional appraisal?

December 14 –  Finds include a Charles “Heinie” Wagner Red Sox archive, Carl Schweninger oil, “The Artist’s Studio,” ca. 1850, and a 1975 “Yellow Submarine” jacket made for Karen Carpenter. Can you guess which is appraised for $300,000?

December 21 – Learn more about vintage and antique items in Harrisburg, such as the 1963-1968 NASA archive of Pearl Tucker, a painted “Bucher” box made around 1800, and a Randy Gumpert baseball archive. One of these is appraised for $75,000!

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