New episodes of Molly of Denali this month

  • Fred Vigeant

Molly of Denali is PBS’ newest children’s program on WITF and WITF’s 24/7 PBS Kids Channel.

This exciting new series broadcasts weekdays at 8:30am & 4pm on WITF and 6pm on WITF’s 24/7 PBS Kids Channel.

Tune in for these new episodes in rotation over the next couple of weeks:

Book of Mammoths

Molly and her Dad are shocked when Travis, a tourist, announces that the goal of his expedition is to find a living woolly mammoth. He’s read all about it in a “reputable” book and is convinced mammoths dwell in a secret valley. Can Molly convince Travis that mammoths are extinct before his shenanigans turn into a mammoth problem for them all?

New Nivagi

When Molly is entrusted with her Grandpa Nat’s secret nivagi recipe for the annual Qyah Ice Cream Competition, she’s determined to make it a winning dish…until Suki eats the nivagi and slobbers all over the recipe! Molly has just a few hours to recreate the recipe and collect the hard-to-find ingredients. Can she uphold her Grandpa’s nivagi legacy or will she end his winning streak?

Fiddle of Nowhere

Oscar has dreamed about participating in Qyah’s annual fiddle festival and becoming a champion fiddler like his idol, Finnegan King. This year, he is finally old enough to play, but he breaks an E string the morning of the event and there are no replacements to be found in town! His only hope is a snowshoe journey out to the cabin of Mr. Patak’s mysterious customer, known only as “The Fiddler in the Woods,” to borrow one. Will Molly, Oscar, and Mr. Patak make it to the Fiddler’s cabin in time?

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