Stories of Courage Battling Opioids

  • Fred Vigeant

Battling Opioids: A Project of Pennsylvania Public Media is a collaborative, multi-media, effort undertaken by all seven Pennsylvania Public Media stations: WITF, WPSUWHYY, WLVTWQED, WQLN and WVIA. Every station is utilizing our multi-media platforms – TV, radio, online, social, digital, and community outreach events together in this effort to direct people in Pennsylvania to state and local opioid resources by connecting them to solutions at a personal level.

Our hope is that through our collaborative, statewide efforts, our citizens will see stories of hope and survival, and have access and information on where to get help. We are using our shared resources for one common good—to save lives.

Join us September 26 for Battling Opioids, a project of Pennsylvania Public Media Part 3, a one-hour program featuring personal stories of courage and hope in the face of opioid addiction interspread with an informative studio panel discussion. The topic of this third entry in the series deals with the future of treatment in the ongoing battle against opioid addiction. Join us for Battling Opioids, a project of Pennsylvania Public Media Part 3 Thursday September 26 at 8pm on WITF TV.

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