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PA Post is celebrating its 1st anniversary and you helped us get here

  • Russ Walker
  • Ed Mahon
  • Emily Previti/PA Post
Emily Previti, Russ Walker and Ed Mahon.

 Tom Downing / WITF

Emily Previti, Russ Walker and Ed Mahon.

Because you asked questions, we dug into issues you wanted to know about, and shared what we learned with other curious Pennsylvanians. How are libraries handling a decrease in state funding? A Lancaster County resident wanted to know, and reporter Ed Mahon answered the question with a look at the library in Ephrata, which has found creative ways to generate revenue to support its operations.

Because you provided feedback, we are continuing to cover topics that matter to all Pennsylvanians, such as the rollout of new voting machines. Reporter Emily Previti examined election vendor agreements on which Pennsylvania counties are spending hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars. She uncovered that the contracts could leave taxpayers open to unexpected additional costs.

Because you shared your stories, we were able to share with the country what it was like to live through the partial meltdown at Three Mile Island 40 years ago. A collection of 272 memories and stories are available on I Remember TMI, where they will live on for years to come.

Because you value PA Post, we will continue to answer your questions, hold elected officials to account and share stories that connect us all together.

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Here’s what you can expect from PA Post in the next year:

We will continue to report on how Pennsylvania’s state and local governments are touching lives in every community. To that end, Ed Mahon will explore the community-based economic development efforts happening across the state. Cities, townships and boroughs aren’t waiting for Harrisburg to fix their problems. Ed will take you behind the scenes of these local reinvention efforts.

With Pennsylvania in the 2020 election crosshairs, Emily Previti will continue to track election security and voter registration issues. President Trump won the commonwealth by 40,000 votes in 2016. There’s no reason to believe next year’s race won’t be close again. PA Post will shine a light on the mechanics of democracy in the state and efforts to ensure the contest is fair for everyone.

What else do you want to know? We want to hear your story ideas and questions.


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