Harrisburg School District starts school year under new management

Leaders optimistic for a successful year and management turnaround

Last weekthe Harrisburg School District opened the 2019-2020 school year under new state-appointed leadership.  

Years of reported mismanagement and poor budgeting caught up with the District and earlier this summer the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania took operational control of the schools. New management found over $5 million worth of taxpayer dollars that were questionably spent.  

On top of financial issues, the Harrisburg School District has historically underperformed academically with a below average graduation rate of 49 percent compared to the state average of 86 percent.  

However, even with the school district organization in flux the new administration feels optimistic for the future.  

Appearing on Smart Talk to discuss the future of the Harrisburg School District are Dr. Janet Samuels, court appointed Receiver, and Mr. Christopher Celmer, acting assistant Superintendent.  

Photo of acting Superintendant Christopher Celmer and Dr. Jane Samuels, court appointed Receiver

Smart Talk

Acting Superintendant Christopher Celmer and court appointed Receiver Dr. Janet Samuels appear on Smart Talk, September 3, 2019

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