What advancements are being made in HIV treatments?/Proposed law on Amish horses

  • Scott LaMar
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What to look for on Smart Talk Wednesday, August 7, 2019:

More than one million Americans are living with the HIV virus. Thirty-six thousand of them are Pennsylvanians. There are about a thousand new HIV diagnoses every year in Pennsylvania.

Not everyone who contracts the HIV virus develops AIDS and AIDS is no longer always fatal as it once was.

That’s due to the treatments developed over the years through research.

That research has progressed to the point where there’s the potential for HIV virus to be eliminated from the body completely. In other words — a cure.

However, one out of seven people living with HIV don’t know they are infected with the HIV virus. That’s why testing is important so those people can be treated.

On Wednesday’s Smart Talk, we discuss advancements in HIV treatment and HIV awareness with our guests Patricia Fonzi, President and CEO at the Family Health Council of Central Pennsylvania and Dr. Adam Lake, a family physician at Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health.

Also, a proposed ordinance that would require horses to wear a device to collect manure and rubber horseshoes when pulling the buggies of Old Order Amish has been been put on hold for the time being in Washington Township, Lycoming County. Township supervisers say they had gotten complaints about manure on roads presenting a health hazard and that normal metal horseshoes damaged roads.

The attorney representing the Amish — Clifford Rieders — appears on Wednesday’s Smart Talk.

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Dr. Adam Lake and Patricia Fonzi

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