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What the average classroom teacher earns in every Pa. public school district

The highest salaries were in two Pennsylvania counties: Bucks and Montgomery.

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This July 18, 2018, photo shows a display of back to school backpacks in a Target store in Pittsburgh.

 Gene J. Puskar / The Associated Press

This July 18, 2018, photo shows a display of back to school backpacks in a Target store in Pittsburgh.

Classroom teachers in Council Rock School District in Bucks County, on average, had the highest salary among classroom teachers in the state last year.

The average classroom teacher there earned a salary of $99,707 in the 2017-18 school year, according to Pennsylvania Department of Education data.

Statewide, the average classroom teacher had a salary of $67,535.

In the interactive map below, you can click on a district to see what the average classroom teacher salary is. (Students in Bryn Athyn School District in Montgomery County attend school elsewhere, and the district has no salary information.)


And in the database below, you can see the average salary for classroom teachers in Pennsylvania public school districts, charter schools, career technical centers, and state juvenile correctional institutes.

The database also notes the years of service in education for the average classroom teacher in a district — that is a common factor for determining salary in educator contracts.

About the database and data

  • LEA stands for local education agency.
  • The types of local education agencies included are school districts (SD), charter schools (CS), career technical centers (CT), and state juvenile correctional institutes (SJCI).
  • The state Department of Education says salaries less than $18,500 reported for full-time staff members are not considered when calculating averages.  Averages are based on full-time staff only.
  • In the database above, you can use the rows at the bottom to filter results. For instance, you could type “SD” in the LEA Type column and “Montgomery” in the County column and then see results only for school districts in Montgomery County.

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