Is PA’s drinking water safe?/Turkey Hill and farmers team up for clean waterways

  • Scott LaMar
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What to look for on Smart Talk Monday, July 2, 2018:

There many things in life we Americans take for granted.  Clean drinking water that’s coming from the tap in your kitchen is one of them.

But a months-long investigation by PennLive shows that the drinking water in Pennsylvania may or may not be safe or at least could result in someone in your home becoming sick.

The investigation found that budget cuts have led to fewer inspectors of water systems, an aging infrastructure that includes old-falling apart pipes, treated and untreated water, and lead in some state water systems.

So, what’s being done about and what can you do?

PennLive investigative reporter Wallace McKelvey appears on Monday’s Smart Talk to describe what he found.

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Wallace McKelvey

Also, farmers who supply milk to Turkey Hill Dairy will have to have a conservation plan in place moving forward.  The Turkey Hill Clean Water Partnership will help farmers develop plans to limit soil and manure from running into waterways. 

Turkey Hill President John Cox and Jenna Mitchell Pennsylvania State Director for the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay joins us on Smart Talk to explain.

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John Cox and Jenna Mitchell

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