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PSBA on opposition to property tax elimination bill/Embattled Fish and Boat Commission Direector John Arway

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What to look for on Smart Talk Monday, March 19, 2018:

It’s well-documented that property taxes are one of the most disliked taxes in Pennsylvania and it’s been that way for a long time.  There have been numerous efforts over the past four decades to eliminate or at least reform property taxes.

Republican State Senator David Argall of Schuylkill County appeared on Smart Talk Tuesday to discuss a bill that would do away with property taxes and make up the revenue with higher income and sales taxes and expand the items subject to sales tax.

Not everyone is on board with the plan though. There are school districts that don’t want the state to have more control over their funding and think the property tax is reliable.

John Callahan of the Pennsylvania School Boards Association makes their case on Monday’s Smart Talk.

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John Callahan, Pennsylvania School Board Association

The cost of a fishing license in Pennsylvania is $21 dollars. It hasn’t changed since 2005.

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, which stocks fish, cares for public waters and maintains hatcheries, dams and other infrastructure is funded by money from fishing licenses and the federal government.

Commission Executive Director John Arway proposed a six dollar increase for the cost of a fishing license for one year and then a price hike of three percent every year for four years.  Arway said without the license increase, hatcheries would have to close and there would be fewer trout stocked in streams.  He also designated streams where fewer trout would be stocked and they happened to be in the districts of legislators who oppose the license increase.

Now those lawmakers want to set a term limit on the executive director of the Fish and Boat Commission to eight years. Arway is completing his eighth year.

Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission Executive Director John Arway appears on Monday’s Smart Talk to explain why the Commission needs more money and possibly losing his job.

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John Arway, The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission

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