Stopping child sex abuse by other children

  • By Rich Copeland - Producer, WITF's Smart Talk
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On the Tuesday September 26th, 2017 edition of WITF’s Smart Talk:

Often under-reported, 30-50% of child sexual abuse incidents are perpetrated by other youths.  These offenders are usually the victims of abuse themselves.  Institutions are grappling with how to predict, prevent and prosecute such cases.  Reporting procedures can be murky in some jurisdictions and some schools and youth organizations are unsure of their own liability in these matters.

Samaritan Safe Church bills itself as “. . . a sanctuary, where one finds protection, support, guidance . . . ” that operates to “establish a national network of leaders and organizations working to end child sexual abuse.”  Samaritan Safe Church recently partnered with Center for Children’s Justice and the law firm of Gibbel Kraybill and Hess to develop a program addressing child sex abuse and human sex trafficking.  The collaborative will also address the issue of child-on-child sexual abuse.

On October 5th, the collaborative will sponsor an event addressing child-on-child abuse.  Attendees will learn how to spot the signs of abuse, identify risks within institutions such as schools, churches and teams and how to navigate the law as it relates to child sexual abuse.

On Tuesday’s Smart Talk, we will speak with Linda Crockett, Director of Safe Church/ Safe Places at Samaritan Counseling Center about children and teens with sexual behavior issues and the resources to assist caregivers to identify risky behavior. 

We’ll also be joined by Cathy Palm, Director of the Center for Children’s Justice who will parse out the legal complexities associated with reporting sexual abuse and Ann Martin, an attorney with Gibbel, Kraybill and Hess who specializes in Title IX issues as they relate to sexual abuse in school settings.

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Linda Crockett – Director of Safe Church/Safe Places at Samaritan Counseling Center / Ann Martin – attorney, Gibbel, Kraybill and Hess, LLC / Cathy Palm – Director, Center for Children’s Justice


– I used to work for a company where we were all mandated reporters. They also say that you as a mandated reporter should be kept Anonymous I’ve head multiple cases where I’m mandated reported and my name was dropped to the family of the student that I had to mandate report a situation for, how do we provide protection against retaliation from families for the mandated reporter?  – anon

– Good conversation, but what about the fact that children are watching all the sexuality on television, etc. this has GOT to be an influence. I was abused by an older cousin… who had been watching pornography while his mom slept.    – anon

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