Vietnam is focus of Smart Talk Road Trip to Willow Valley

  • Scott LaMar
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What to look for on Smart Talk Tuesday, May 23, 2017:

The Vietnam War ended more than 40 years ago.  Yet, for a generation of Americans, it is the time in their lives and the era in American history that is most impactful.  For millions, there was Vietnam and then everything that came afterwards.

Even today, many are still dealing with the trauma of fighting in Vietnam, the pain of losing a loved-one and a loss of trust in the government by combatants and protestors alike.

Americans didn’t talk about Vietnam for a long time.  Even today some wonder what lessons were learned in Vietnam and on the home front.

America’s most renowned documentary filmmaker Ken Burns tells the ultimate story of the era is in his latest film — The Vietnam War — this fall.  The 10-part, 18-hour series begins September 17th on WITF-TV.

Watch a trailer for The Vietnam War

Vietnam is the focus of Tuesday’s Smart Talk Road Trip from Willow Valley Communities in Willow Street, Lancaster County.

We’ll be talking with several residents of Willow Valley about their military experiences in Vietnam and a couple who sponsored a Vietnamese refugee family.  We’ll also be joined by a historian and hear why it’s important to preserve oral histories.

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