WITF Music: The Receiver

  • Joe Ulrich
The Receiver

Brothers Casey and Jesse Cooper’s collaboration as The Receiver began around 2005. But they’ve been playing music all of their lives.

“Our mom got us into piano when we were both really young,” says Casey, the band’s vocalist and primary song writer. “I took a couple years of music theory in high school which I loved. I always loved mathematics and music theory is pretty closely related to it.”

In college at Ohio State University Casey wrote a collection of songs as an electronic EP for a senior project. His brother Jesse liked the songs and they began experimenting with playing the songs live. Those songs would turn into the band’s debut release “Decades” in 2006 and lead to a record deal and extensive touring throughout North America.

Since then the brothers have released two more albums and continued to tour in support of their music which garners descriptions like “dream pop”, “ambient electronica” and comparisons to both Pink Floyd and Radiohead.

The guys stopped by for a performance at WITF’s studio. The videos are below.

The Receiver will be stopping at The Makespace in Harrisburg for a performance Tuesday, March 8 at 8pm.

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