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Smart Talk Friday: Protecting children; Sandy Hook parent on PA gun laws; Political junkie

What to look for on Smart Talk Friday:

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Its the end of a week filled with several significant news stories.

witf Capitol Bureau Chief Mary Wilson provides insight into a few of the stories that will have the most impact on Pennsylvanians.

Mary also talks with Cathleen Palm of the Center for Children’s Justice about legislation that is designed to protect kids from abusers and predators. Gov. Corbett may be putting his signature to the bills soon. What will they do to protect children?

Could anything have protected the 20 children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut in December 2012? A gunman, who was mentally ill, shot and killed the students and six teachers and administrators at the school.

Mark Barden’s seven-year-old son Daniel was one of the victims at Sandy Hook. Mr. Barden now is part of Sandy Hook Promise, a group that advocates for policies that stop gun violence. He’s appear on Smart Talk Friday to discuss his support of a proposal to expand gun purchase background checks in Pennsylvania.

Political Junkie Ken Rudin is back with his inside take on the U.S. Supreme Court ruling this week that could bring a whole lot more money into political campaigns.

Finally, a local theater is on the lookout for Monty Python fans and plan to have some fun with it.

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