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Written by Ann Elia Stewart, Community Blogger | Oct 16, 2012 7:49 AM

That's what you need to bring upon yourself if you wish to send your "darlings" (aka -- your work) into the world. And unless you're a Kardashian or a Hilton, being on the receiving end of attention — particularly from the public — can be daunting. But when you spend a couple years of your life developing a novel or short stories or poetry or screenplays, putting your work out there is not a choice: it is a necessity. How else will people discover what you have to say? Particularly in an age of relentless information on steroids! 

So it is with great pleasure and humility that I tag below a link to the most recent article searching out an audience for my novel, twice a child. Written by a former high school and college writing colleague, Bill Warner, for my hometown newspaper — The Lebanon Daily News (still seven days a week!!!) — the article captures a tenderness I had yet to experience in a write up about the book. He just nails it. 

Spreading the word about your work is like filling a restaurant with hungry diners — you've prepared a feast, now you need mouths to feed before the food gets cold. So you put out the shingle and straighten the chairs, polish the silver and press the linens. Your creation simmers on the stove, filling the little place with the aroma of passion and commitment and perseverance. Sometimes just the scent draws in a customer, but mostly you need to get people to experience, running the risk they may not enjoy your style — and that would be okay too. Finding an audience for your work is not unlike welcoming people to your kitchen with open arms — come in, Mangia! Spend some time walking around my heart and soul, let me know what you think. Then — pass it on.

I'll be moderating* a panel at the Midtown Scholar Bookstore's Book Festival, Saturday, November 10, from 4 - 4:50 pm. It's entitled: Congratulations, You've Published a Book? Now what?  It's all about how to get people into your kitchen to try your delicious concoctions. Come on out. It's always an amazing time.

*I'll also be part of a panel discussion on the craft of writing, beginning at 2 pm that same day.

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