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Public Radio at Risk: An Open Letter from witf CEO, Kathleen Pavelko

Written by Kathleen Pavelko, President and CEO | Mar 16, 2011 2:28 PM

Friends of witf and public radio:

A bill being considered in Congress tomorrow (Thursday, 17 March), HR 1076, would defund NPR and prohibit public radio stations from using federal funds to acquire ANY radio programming from ANY source.

This legislation prohibits public radio stations from using federal funds to acquire programs such as This American Life, Prairie Home Companion, Morning Edition, Car Talk and All Things Considered and many, many others.

Please call your Member of Congress today and ask him to oppose HR 1076. This radical, disruptive legislation is far-reaching and unfairly punitive to public radio stations and their listeners.

The bill, introduced by Rep. Lamborn (R-CO), interferes in witf’s right to select programming and would endanger 9,000 jobs at local public radio stations in communities across the country. You must call today because the vote is scheduled for this Thursday.

Without so much as a single hearing on the subject, this legislation dismantles a public radio system depended upon by 34 million Americans weekly and in which Americans across the political spectrum place high trust.

These funding restrictions will devastate the public radio economy and local stations’ ability to serve audiences, seek donor support, and produce programs.

Don’t let HR 1076 get between you and witf and the programs you love!

The names and office numbers for the Members of Congress serving the witf region are listed below.

Please call your member of Congress!

Tell them public broadcasting is too important to cut!

PA Senators

Name Party  
Address City/State Phone #
Robert P. Casey, Jr. D
393 Russell Senate Office Building Washington DC, 25015 202/224-6324
Pat Toomey R
3440 Hamilton Blvd Allentown, PA 18013 202/224-4254

PA House of Representatives

Name Party District Address City/State Phone #
Bill Shuster R 9 204 Cannon
Washington DC, 25015 202/225-2431
Tom Marino R 10

P.O. Box 653

Williamsport, PA 17703


Joseph R. Pitts R 16 420 Cannon
Washington DC, 25015 202/225-2411
Tim Holden D 17 2417 Rayburn
Washington DC, 25015 202/225-5546
Todd Russell Platts R 19 2455 Rayburn
Washington DC, 25015 202/225-5836


I respectfully ask for your help.

Kathleen Pavelko,
President and CEO, witf

A New Attack on Public Radio
Help Us Defeat H.R. 1076


You can sign up for alerts at 170MillionAmericans.org.

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