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Three WITF board members share the best advice they ever received

Written by Katie Cibort, Sales & Traffic Coordinator | Mar 17, 2010 9:36 PM


Most board meetings include a social time and the opportunity for an “insider’s look” at some aspect of what we do. For example, reporter Scott Detrow gave an informal talk about his time covering the Pennsylvania National Guard in Iraq. Craig Cohen, host of Radio Smart Talk, has shared his experiences at the mike of this important new program. This week, TV Smart Talk host Nell McCormack Abom and the Smart Talk production team staged a small-scale Smart Talk featuring three board members as guests and the rest of the board as studio audience.


The topic for the special Smart Talk was The best advice I’ve ever received…and the best advice I’ve ever given. Board members Dr. David Bronstein, Ms. Romana Li and Ms. Deidre Simmons participated, and the interview with Nell is here.



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