WITF Kid's Schedule

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WITF TV Kid's Fall Schedule
(Began September 1)

Fall Kid's Schedule Weekdays

6:00am Dragonfly TV
6:30am Martha Speaks
7:00am Curious George
7:30am Curious George
8:00am Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
8:30am Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
9:00am Sesame Street
10:00am Clifford
10:30am Super Why
11:00am Dinosaur Train
11:30am Dinosaur Train
12:00noon Adult Programming (noon - 2pm)
2:00pm Peg + Cat
2:30pm Peg + Cat
3:00pm Sesame Street (half-hour)
3:30pm The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That
4:00pm Arthur
4:30pm Arthur
5:00pm Wild Kratts
5:30pm Wild Kratts
6:00pm Adult Programming (6 - 7pm)
7:00pm Sesame Street


Fall Kid's Schedule Saturday

6:00am  Bob the Builder
6:30am  Angelina Ballerina
7:00am  Curous George
7:30am  Curous George
8:00am  Daniel Tiger's Nieghborhood
8:30am  Daniel Tiger's Nieghborhood


Fall Kid's Schedule Sunday

6:00am  Sesame Street
7:00am  Curous George
7:30am  Curous George
8:00am  Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
8:30am  Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
9:00am  Mr Rogers
9:30am  Word Girl
10:00am  Dragonfly TV
10:30am  Biz Kid$
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