TV Listings Guide!

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You asked for it, and here it is—witf’s new TV Listings Guide!

Many witf contributors were disappointed last July when Central PA magazine’s 6-times per year publication schedule made it impossible to include monthly television listings. But now you can choose to receive a printed witf TV Listings Guide mailed to your home each month.

Starting with the month of August, 2012, annual contributors to witf can request to receive an 8-page printed witf TV Listings Guide that includes program times and descriptions in a format similar to the previous Central PA magazine’s listings. The witf TV Listings Guide is available free to annual contributors of $65 or more, or $45 for seniors. If your annual contribution is below this level, you can upgrade to receive the witf TV Listings Guide by calling Kerry at 717-910-2948, or by visiting our online donation form.

The witf TV Listings Guide is available only upon request, so contact us today!

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