Special Message from Kathleen Pavelko

kpavelko_9-2010web.jpgWITF and all of its media enterprises are built on a foundation of bricks of public interest and mortar of public support. WITF TV signed on the air in 1964 because a group of community-minded leaders pursued their vision for a public television station to serve Central Pennsylvania. Today, WITF remains committed to noncommercial service and to enhancing the connections with and within the communities we serve. We are guided by the community leadership of our board today and supported by the enthusiasm and tireless commitment of volunteers from across the region.

WITF, today, is a multimedia company comprising Central PA Magazine, witf.org, Radio Pennsylvania news network, television and radio programming, and digital television. Our Telecommunications Services provide business teleconferences, professional seminars, and special events broadcasts. Instructional television programming and educational support services enhance 27 school districts. Remove volunteers from the WITF enterprise and we would lose much of our effectiveness as well as their tremendously valuable feedback and perspectives.

Volunteering is a great way to contribute to the Central Pennsylvania community and gain experience, and also foster personal growth. Volunteers work in partnership with WITF staff in a variety of capacities.

WITF's Volunteer Program got its start in 1969 with the launch of WITF TV's on-air Auction. A year later, on-air membership campaigns swelled the ranks of volunteers. Today, there are 400 active volunteers assisting efforts year round. They process bulk mail, transcribe taped interviews for the Our Town series, staff phones for radio and TV fundraising campaigns, screen calls for Smart Talk, tabulate survey and contest responses, serve as Ambassadors by greeting visitors to WITF tables at community & cultural partnership events, and many other areas.

No matter what their roles, volunteers play a critical part in making sure WITF meets the needs of Central Pennsylvanians. Those who volunteer for WITF are a diverse group. They are teachers, retirees, artists, and corporate managers. They live and work in many different counties around Central PA and they all have one thing in common: a personal commitment to making a difference. Their enthusiastic spirit brightens days and plays a part in bringing the finest of the world's culture to Central Pennsylvania.

Become a volunteer and make a difference in your life and the lives of your community. If you would like to give voice to your heart through volunteering, contact Volunteer Services at volunteer@witf.org or 717.910.2945.


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