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PA Post's State of the State podcast: Looking back at a very political 2018

Written by Katie Meyer | Dec 31, 2018 10:26 AM
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The state Capitol building in Harrisburg. (Tom Downing/WITF)

A lot happened in politics this year.

2018 started with the state Supreme Court throwing out Pennsylvania's congressional map and redrawing it to give Democrats a better shot--a controversial decision that reverberated for the rest of the year.

This summer, a massive grand jury report on decades of abuse within the state's Roman Catholic dioceses was released, became international news, and caused a political furor that's still not over.

In November, Pennsylvania and its redrawn congressional map played a key role in Democrats taking control of the US House of Representatives. Democrats also held on to top statewide offices and dominated races in the Philadelphia suburbs, cutting into GOP majorities in the state legislature.

And that's just the beginning.

Joining us this week to recap all the greatest state politics hits of 2018, and to give some previews of what's ahead, are Marc Levy of the AP and Liz Navratil of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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