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Episode 47: Dang property taxes!

Written by Katie Meyer | Mar 25, 2018 2:23 PM



The Morning Call's Steve Esack recently co-authored a series investigating Pennsylvania's little-discussed Clean and Green program, which essentially shifts property tax burdens off large landowners and onto regular homeowners--particularly in rural areas. (You should read it). We'll discuss why the heck this policy exists, and how the billions and billions of dollars it functionally reroutes play into the commonwealth's already-fraught property tax landscape. Plus, we'll answer a bunch of questions WITF listeners and readers have submitted over the past few weeks. Steve and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Liz Navratil also recap a number of new developments in two of Pennsylvania's highest-profile stories of the moment: the ongoing battle over the state's redrawn congressional map, a lawmaker's domestic violence allegations against a fellow caucus member.

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