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Episode 46: Small races writ large

Written by Katie Meyer | Mar 16, 2018 8:50 PM

Pennsylvania had an election this week.

Though it was only a special election to replace a resigned congressman in a single district, it received wall-to-wall national coverage. Like several other small or special contests this year and last, PA18 is seen as a signifier of how well democrats will do in this year's midterms.

Also, for better or worse, it's seen as a referendum on President Trump.

The AP's Marc Levy joins us for a look at what we can actually take from Democrat Conor Lamb's (apparent) victory in a district that was seen as safe for Republicans. We'll discuss why the commonwealth's voters are unique, which outcomes might actually translate to future elections, and why the race had much more to do with unions than it did Donald Trump.

Plus, we'll recap the other major thing that happened this week: state Rep. Tarah Toohil has gotten a restraining order against fellow GOP Rep. Nick Miccarelli, after alleging he abused her when the two dated. It's a situation that--as far as anybody has been able to figure out--is totally unprecedented.

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