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Episode 44: Let's sue the court

Written by Katie Meyer | Feb 23, 2018 2:09 PM

In a little bit of a departure, this show was recorded live as an episode of Smart Talk, WITF's morning radio show, on Thursday, February 23. We're cross-posting because it covers all the important redistricting news we would have discussed on the podcast anyway, and who wants to be redundant?

WITF's Scott LaMar, Emily Previti, and Katie Meyer (plus Common Cause PA's Micah Sims) discuss the congressional map the state Supreme Court drew this week, and the subsequent fallout from Republicans.

We'll talk you through the many political ramifications of the court's new map, and the legal intricacies of various plans to try and stop it from being implemented.

Just a note, the episode was recorded before the Senate GOP filed a second lawsuit against the court, so you'll only hear us talking about one. But you can catch up on the most recent details here




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