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Capitol reporter Katie Meyer covers Pennsylvania politics and issues at the Pennsylvania state capitol.

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Episode 39: Redistricting, races, and the return of the legislature

Written by Katie Meyer | Jan 19, 2018 7:49 PM


Lawmakers have been on vacation from Harrisburg for over a month, but next week they'll return to start off their 2018 session. Jason Gottesman of the PLS Reporter and City and State PA joins us to run down a list of their top priorities--from overhauling the tax code to shrinking the state House. But before we can talk too much about what's to come, we also have to note that a bunch of important things happened this week too. For one, the state Supreme Court heard and is now deliberating on a prominent gerrymandering case; if they rule the state's congressional maps unconstitutional, the legislature could be forced to totally redraw the lines in the coming weeks. Donald Trump also paid PA a visit in support of GOP congressional candidate and state representative Rick Saccone. Plus, Amazon put two Keystone State cities (Philadelphia and Pittsburgh) on a short list of possible locations for its highly sought-after second headquarters.

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