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Episode 36: Happy holidays, time to talk about harassment

Written by Katie Meyer | Dec 22, 2017 5:18 PM

Over the last week, the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette have published two stories on sexual harassment that have caused some uproar.

One reported complaints of chronic sexually-tinged misconduct by Montgomery County Democratic Senator Daylin Leach. And another uncovered a secret quarter-million-dollar settlement on a sexual harassment complaint against longtime Berks County Representative Thomas Caltagirone, also a Democrat.

Governor Tom Wolf and a number of others have since called for both men to step down from their elected positions. Neither has, though Leach has said he's taking a "step back" from his Congressional run.

The Inquirer's Angela Couloumbis and Liz Navratil of the Post-Gazette are two of the primary journalists behind the reports in question, and join us to talk through their meticulous fact-checking process, the fallout that's happened since they published the stories, and why they believe it's important to take harassment complaints seriously. 

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