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Harrisburg looks to amend laws in wake of Equifax breach

Written by Katie Meyer, Capitol Bureau Chief | Oct 3, 2017 3:18 PM

A bipartisan group of lawmakers and Attorney General Josh Shapiro, a Democrat, held a press conference to address the breach's impact on Pennsylvania. (Photo by Katie Meyer/WITF)


(Harrisburg) -- Several state lawmakers are introducing legislation to help people deal with situations in which their personal information is compromised.

The move comes after a massive security breach at credit reporting agency Equifax affected millions of Pennsylvanians. 

The breach is the largest in the country's history.

In the Pennsylvania alone, more than five million people had information compromised--about three quarters of the commonwealth's adult population.

Attorney General Josh Shapiro launched an investigation soon after the breach was made public. The probe now includes 46 other states.

He said it's progressing quickly, and that "subpoenas have been issued, and we expect Equifax to begin producing documents very, very shortly."

He added that along with getting restitution for consumers, his primary goal is to change corporate culture.

"What we have seen since this data breach is just an outrageous display of corporate malfeasance," he said.

Some lawmakers are trying to make that easier with new legislation.

Republican Representative Brian Ellis of Butler County is sponsoring a bill to require reporting agencies like Equifax let people know about breaches sooner.

Pennsylvania also has among the highest fees to freeze credit, so Democratic Representative Mike Driscoll of Philadelphia County is proposing waiving freeze fees at reporting agencies after breaches, and requiring they provide free credit reporting for three years after the fact.

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