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Episode 20: Stack's snacks get attention, but budget stays stalled

Written by Katie Meyer | Aug 28, 2017 4:47 AM

Apart from House members flitting in and out of various low-profile meetings, the state Capitol has been mostly deserted this week, and devoid of official legislative activity.

The only exception was Wednesday, when House State Government Committee chairman Daryl Metcalfe convened an "informational meeting" on Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack's heavy use of government money. Paula Knudsen and Brad Bumsted, of LNP's The Caucus, have been reporting on Stack's spending for several months, and their stories provided much of the fodder for Metcalfe's meeting. They join us to discuss this week's developments, as well as implications for the largely-symbolic lieutenant governor's office.

The AP's Marc Levy also stops by to talk through the ways various factions of House Republicans are looking to deal with the state's $2.2 billion budget gap, and the prospect of a rapidly-dwindling bank account. 

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