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Progressive forum urges civil disobedience where necessary

Written by Katie Meyer, Capitol Bureau Chief | Jan 20, 2017 2:38 AM

Leach gives an opening address to the hundreds of audience members. (Photo by Katie Meyer/WITF)


(King of Prussia) -- With Donald Trump about to officially become the President of the United States, many who oppose him are looking for ways to make their displeasure known.

At least, that's according to democratic state Senator Daylin Leach, of Montgomery County.

Leach held a so-named "Resistance Forum" Wednesday in a rented auditorium space in a King of Prussia middle school.

Around 800 people turned out--packing the seats and spilling out into the aisles. That was far more than expected, but Leach was pleased with the turnout.

"People were just concerned," he said. "They didn't know what to do, so I thought we could offer some advice, which is what we tried to do. Hopefully people will benefit from that."

Leach said with the GOP controlling all three branches of the federal government, and two in Pennsylvania, he's truly concerned the system of checks and balances will no longer function properly.

"We have to work hard," he said. "Democrats became complacent because we thought--we have Obama, we don't have to worry about things. That's no longer true. We have to worry about things, and hopefully we will."

Leach--who's considered one of the most progressive Democrats in Harrisburg--urged his audience to organize, and to be willing to engage in civil disobedience over the next four years.

He says progressives in and out of government have to figure out a way to organize and disrupt effectively--much like the Tea Party did during the Obama administration.

Outside Leach's event, several self-identified Trump supporters staged a small protest.

When asked why they were demonstrating, most gave the same response: Trump's opponents should give him a chance.


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