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New gaming legislation won't come easy, committee chairs say

Written by Katie Meyer, Capitol Bureau Chief | Jan 9, 2017 10:58 PM

Two of the major items on the legislature's docket are gaming-related. (Photo by AP)

(Harrisburg) -- The newly-appointed chairs of gaming committees in the House and Senate are preparing themselves for a busy session.

Several top legislative priorities revolve around gaming, and could play a role in easing the state's financial deficiencies.

There are two major to-dos on the chairs' lists. One is coming up with $100 million in new gambling revenues to fill a hole in the 2016/17 budget.

House GOP gaming chair Scott Petri said because of time shortages, the money is--at least for this fiscal year--a lost cause.

"It's just not going to happen. I never thought it was going to happen when we approved the budget," he said. "I anticipate that we're going to have a shortfall.

To me, it's more important that we do this right."

House Democratic chair Patrick Harbin and Senate Republican chair Mario Scavello agree.

They're a little more optimistic when it comes to the other priority: fixing a casino tax law the state Supreme Court declared unconstitutional in September.

The old law allocated tax money to the districts that host casinos. But reps from non-host municipalities wanted a share too, which held up the legislation.

Scavello said he's open to anything at this point.

"I don't see a problem with expanding the new revenue in that way. It's something to look at," he said.

The committee members will have their first meeting when the legislature reconvenes January 23rd.

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