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Trump takes 'thank you' tour to Hershey

Written by Katie Meyer, Capitol Bureau Chief | Dec 16, 2016 5:09 AM

The president-elect touted the size of his crowd, criticized the media, and alleged that the US political system is "rigged," among other things. (Photo by AP)

(Hershey) -- President-Elect Donald Trump filled Hershey's Giant Center Thursday night for an event that was part of his swing state-centric "thank you" tour of the country.

It wasn't long ago that Trump was in that same stadium in the final days of his campaign.

Since leaving the trail, the soon-to-be Commander in Chief's rhetorical style hasn't changed much.

Trump touched on several of his major policy proposals, like repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act, taking on ISIS, and yes, building a wall on the Mexican border. But he mostly kept it vague on specific details.

Instead, the bulk of his speech was about none other than himself; specifically, his surprise victory on November 8.

Trump gave a play-by-play of election night, harshly criticizing the media and emphasizing the historic nature of his victory.

"The people on ESPN--sports people--they said it's the single greatest event they've ever seen," he said. "They've seen football and baseball and boxing, and they said it was the greatest."

He also took a decidedly anti-globalist tone, and suggested patriotism should "be taught very strongly to our children."

"I see these punks burning the flag and stomping on it, and burning another one and stomping--no good, no good," he said. "We're gonna maybe have to do something about that."

The next stop on the 'thank you' tour is Florida, and then the tour will wrap it up in Alabama on Saturday.

Trump's inauguration is January 20th. He has indicated he'd like to continue doing these rallies during his presidency.

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