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Farm Show files: "In the deep end"

Written by Mary Wilson, Former Capitol Bureau Chief | Jan 10, 2014 9:59 AM
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Photo by Mary Wilson / witf

For everything the Farm Show offers, one of the most overpowering experiences is the smell. The event is known for being the largest indoor agricultural exhibition in the country, with an oft-touted 6,000 animals - and though they're strutting in front of judges, they can't suppress nature's call.

To be blunt: it'll take as many as 28 tractor-trailer loads to haul away all the manure left at the Farm Show complex.

Where does it go? How does it work? And who's making sure the good people of Pennsylvania aren't stepping in it on the way to get a milkshake?

Listen to the piece below.

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Photo by Mary Wilson / witf

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