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Corbett's approval dips lower to 17 percent

Written by Mary Wilson, Former Capitol Bureau Chief | Aug 29, 2013 8:03 PM

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A new Franklin & Marshall College Poll shows another slide in the job performance rating for Gov. Corbett.

Just 20 percent of nearly 600 respondents said the governor deserves to be re-elected. Of Republicans surveyed, 38 percent said he should get a second term.

Pollster Terry Madonna said just 17 percent of respondents said Corbett is doing a good or excellent job.

"His job performance at this point is significantly lower than the job performances of Gov. Ridge and Gov. Rendell when they sought re-election at this time in their first four years," Madonna said. "So that's a serious problem for the governor."

Madonna offered one explanation for the continued slide downward for Corbett's job performance rating. "There's not been a measure of months that have transpired where there's been positive news out of the administration," Madonna said. "Much of it has settled on the chaos in the staffing situation." Corbett has seen the departure of three top aides as well as two department heads since May, and his pick for new education secretary resigned abruptly just as the poll came to a close earlier this week.

Respondents were also asked what issues should be the top priority for the state Legislature. 29 percent pointed to transportation funding, a top item for the governor. 24 percent said it should be expanding Medicaid, something Corbett does not support unless reforms are included in the program.


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