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Lawmakers applaud, blast AG's rejection of Lottery contract

Written by Mary Wilson | Feb 15, 2013 4:36 PM

(Harrisburg) -- The reaction to the state attorney general’s decision to reject the Corbett administration’s lottery privatization contract isn’t consistently divided along party lines.


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Democrats in the state House and Senate are applauding the Democratic AG’s contract rejection, and the state GOP is blasting it.

But Republicans in the Legislature aren’t coming down so hard.

Senator Pat Vance of Cumberland County was one of the more critical lawmakers when it came to the lottery privatization deal.

But she says she’s not alone in being caught off-guard by the attorney general’s decision coming. "I was very surprised, very. But I had come to the conclusion that perhaps I didn’t like the way it had been laid out but it was finished. Obviously, it turned out not to be that."

The Senate Majority Leader, who wrote to the governor last month with concerns about the lottery contract, neither condoned nor condemned its rejection, saying the occasion highlights the need to clarify lottery and gambling laws.

The top two Republicans in the House note the lottery was legalized by the Legislature, and state lawmakers should be the ones who ultimately decide whether it should change.


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