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Corbett says Kane's Sandusky investigation should be quick

Written by Mary Wilson, Former Capitol Bureau Chief | Nov 8, 2012 5:02 PM
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Gov. Corbett said the state’s Attorney General elect is welcome to make good on her promises to investigate the agency’s handling of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse case. He’s even giving her a timetable.

Democrat Kathleen Kane said repeatedly on the campaign trail that she fully intends to open an investigation into why it took nearly three years to arrest Sandusky, and why the case was handled the way it was.

She also said if she found no evidence of foot-dragging, she’d move on.

Corbett said, if that’s so, then there’s no reason Kane’s investigation into the Sandusky case should take go past April.

“Since she’s the one who wants speed in investigations, I hope that she does this very quickly, because it’s not going to take too long to sit down and talk to everybody and say, ‘Did you ever receive orders? Are there any e-mails?’ There is nothing out there,” said Corbett during an appearance on the Radio Pennsylvania show, “Ask the Governor.”

“From the time she walks into office in the middle of January, there’s no reason for her not to complete it, frankly, in about two, three months,” said Corbett. “Actually, frankly – in about two, three weeks. Because there’s nothing there.”

Kane said, through her campaign spokesman, that she would determine the length of any investigation. In an e-mail, her spokesman wrote: “Kathleen Kane said during the campaign that, like a lot of Pennsylvanians, she doesn't understand why it took the Attorney General's office 33 months to arrest Jerry Sandusky. When she takes office in January, she will fulfill her commitment to investigate this matter as promptly as possible.”

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