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Corbett says Kane's Sandusky investigation should be quick

Written by Mary Wilson, Capitol Bureau Chief | Nov 8, 2012 5:02 PM
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Gov. Corbett said the state’s Attorney General elect is welcome to make good on her promises to investigate the agency’s handling of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse case. He’s even giving her a timetable.

Democrat Kathleen Kane said repeatedly on the campaign trail that she fully intends to open an investigation into why it took nearly three years to arrest Sandusky, and why the case was handled the way it was.

She also said if she found no evidence of foot-dragging, she’d move on.

Corbett said, if that’s so, then there’s no reason Kane’s investigation into the Sandusky case should take go past April.

“Since she’s the one who wants speed in investigations, I hope that she does this very quickly, because it’s not going to take too long to sit down and talk to everybody and say, ‘Did you ever receive orders? Are there any e-mails?’ There is nothing out there,” said Corbett during an appearance on the Radio Pennsylvania show, “Ask the Governor.”

“From the time she walks into office in the middle of January, there’s no reason for her not to complete it, frankly, in about two, three months,” said Corbett. “Actually, frankly – in about two, three weeks. Because there’s nothing there.”

Kane said, through her campaign spokesman, that she would determine the length of any investigation. In an e-mail, her spokesman wrote: “Kathleen Kane said during the campaign that, like a lot of Pennsylvanians, she doesn't understand why it took the Attorney General's office 33 months to arrest Jerry Sandusky. When she takes office in January, she will fulfill her commitment to investigate this matter as promptly as possible.”

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Comments: 4

  • 19shane img 2012-11-09 10:55

    What about the elected officials of Pennsylvania who stood around and did nothing?
    As Attorney General, Tom Corbett received over $647,000 in campaign contributions from members of the Second Mile Foundation, while only assigning one investigator to the case.

    Meanwhile, at the same time, he assigned 14 investigators to Bill Deweese, who spent more than 5 years trying to get him.

    It is difficult to believe these campaign contributions did not improperly influence his decision to not file charges against Jerry Sandusky.

    The state police trooper who initially handled the Clinton County case against Jerry Sandusky believed there was enough evidence from a teenage boy -- now known as Victim One-- to charge Sandusky with indecent assault.

    • claudzilla5 img 2012-11-09 16:44

      I hear Corbett's remarks this morning and thought they sounded like something you'd say to try to convince yourself. I don't like that he's already trying to pressure her into getting this done on HIS timetable. Harrisburg is about to get testy, I think.

  • Jerry Spangler img 2012-11-09 13:53

    In criminal law, there are different levels of proof. As the case progresses, the level of proof increases. To file charges, probable cause to believe a crime is needed. Evidence that meets the standard of probable cause may not meet the standard of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Once charges are filed, the "right to speedy trial" clock starts so very often filing is delayed until proof sufficient to convict is developed. Victims are often reluctant to step forward, Sandusky was ultimately convicted of 45 of 48 charges; the 3 not proven verdicts were for cases where the victim did not testify. But the number of convictions is proof that it was a solid case that took time to develop.

  • Mike Ference img 2012-11-09 19:00

    This is a classic case of Synchronized Crime. Cynthis Baldwin is from the Mob Valley section of Allegheny County. Being appointed to fill a supreme court vacancy by Rendell only bolsters a claim of corruption on her part. Keep in mind, PA judges are bought and sold like stolen merchandise at an outdoor flea market.

    The next PA scandal will start at St. Vincent college in Latrobe, PA. Home for the Pittsburgh Steelers when they start their training camp.

    Looks like the Greensburg Diocese and the Pittsburgh Diocese will be suffering a setback very soon. Isn't it strange that an Irishman living in England and (James Carr) and a fellow from the other side of the United States (Patrick Marker) would expose crime and corruption before the corrupt elected officials in PA, dirty cops in PA, the see-no-evil and hear-no-evil media and the Zappala Crime Family ever even get wind of it.

    Now that's something the PG rag, the Scaife rag and the catholic channel (KDKA) should be publishing.

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