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Corbett announces privatization panel

Written by Mary Wilson, Former Capitol Bureau Chief | Sep 29, 2011 7:56 PM

It’s baa-aack.  The appointed commission recipe: governor makes his picks, adds a few billion-dollar problems, covers, and lets simmer.  Come back after the designated cooking time is over, and we’ll have ourselves a report to read.  This one never sunsets, so the royal we are expecting endless fun.

Here’s the release:


Governor Corbett Forms Advisory Council on Privatization and Innovation

Panel to Focus on Most Efficient, Cost-Effective Ways to Deliver State Services


Harrisburg – As promised in his budget address, Governor Tom Corbett today announced he has created a new Governor’s Advisory Council on Privatization and Innovation to explore if any functions now performed by state government might be better and more cost-effectively performed by the private sector.


“We have an obligation to taxpayers to find new and innovative ways to make government more efficient,” Governor Corbett said. “This panel will further evaluate potential privatization, public-private partnerships or managed-competition opportunities with the ultimate goal of streamlining government and saving taxpayers’ dollars.”


Council members will help the commonwealth conduct a thorough examination of state government functions and services to determine whether the state is providing the most cost-efficient and transparent government that taxpayers deserve.


The council’s mission is to use innovation to achieve a combination of quality, cost savings, expertise and effectiveness. It will also examine roadblocks to sensible privatization, drawing on the experiences of past privatization efforts.


“Many people may not recognize it, but privatization has been successful in government for many years. From snow removal services to social services, private job-creators have been doing work that government bodies simply could not do without an increased cost to taxpayers and a drop in efficiencies,” Corbett said. “Too often, debates over privatization fail to recognize this simple fact – it’s already working to the benefit of taxpayers.”


Government entities all across the U.S. have come to rely on and trust the services and networks delivered by public, private and nonprofit organizations. Pennsylvania needs to evaluate where it can provide better services to the citizens at an efficient cost, Corbett added.


Council members serve in a voluntary, uncompensated capacity. The council will work continuously, meaning it will not sunset.


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