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Host: Scott LaMar

"Through the Cracks" examines mental health treatment/Re-thinking America

Written by Scott LaMar, Executive Producer | Nov 14, 2018 4:18 AM
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What to look for on Smart Talk Wednesday, November 14, 2018:

WITF is launching a new project that investigates and examines how those who are living with mental illness are coping, receiving treatment, and integrating into the community. The project will also look at the services that are available and where the funding to pay for those services comes from. 

The series is called Through the Cracks and, unfortunately, the title is often an accurate description of life for people living with mental illness.

Years after efforts to de-institutionalize those with serious mental illnesses, many can't find the assistance or treatment they need, or they don't get enough time with therapists. Stagnant state funding is compounding the problem. 

Transforming Health's Brett Sholtis is a Through the Cracks producer and he appears on Wednesday's Smart Talk.

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Brett Sholtis

Also, the book Rethinking America: From Empire to Republic takes a closer look into events leading up to the Revolutionary War. It was written by author and Yale University history professor Dr. John Murrin, Ph.D. 

The book "explains why a constitutional argument within the British Empire escalated to produce a revolutionary republic." The author looks at the politics of Anglicization from the colonial period up to the start of the American Revolution.

Dr. Andrew Shankman is a history professor at Rutgers University-Camden who contributed to the book and joins us on Smart Talk.

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