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Host: Scott LaMar

Preserving PA history

Written by Scott LaMar, Smart Talk Host/Executive Producer | Jun 6, 2018 4:07 PM
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What to look for on Smart Talk Thursday, June 7, 2018:

How often have driven into a city or town to be greeted by a sign that said "Welcome to historic" whatever the name of the city or town is?  Some places' history is obvious because they played a significant role in the state or the nation's history, but there are others that may be historic if only because they contributed to how that place grew or the architecture or landscape are unique.

So how is it decided what history to preserve because everything probably is significant to someone?  

The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission has a new historic preservation plan designed "to help Pennsylvanians better understand historic preservation and its benefits; appreciate their own and shared histories through historic places, and to use history to understand how to manage change within their communities."

We'll discuss historic preservation on Thursday's Smart Talk with Andrea Lowery, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.

We'll also talk about tax credits for historic preservation, historic markers and how it's decided where to locate them, summer events in Pennsylvania and historic tourism. 

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Andrea Lowery, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission


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