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Host: Scott LaMar

Protecting against hackers/Nazi Titanic author

Written by Scott LaMar, Smart Talk Host/Executive Producer | Sep 27, 2017 4:56 AM
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What to look for on Smart Talk Wednesday, September 27, 2017:

There are three major credit reporting companies in the U.S.  The three companies possess an enormous amount of personal information about you.  Make a major purchase, like a house, and your credit report will be consulted.  

So when the data of one of those three -- Equifax -- was breached earlier this month, it had potential to be disastrous for millions of people.  In fact, personal information such as social security numbers and birthdates of up to 143 million people was exposed. 

The attackers could use that information in many ways that could ruin your credit and finances for years to come.

So how does one protect themselves from hackers?

On Wednesday's Smart Talk, we joined by Andrew Hacker (yes, that's his name) who is the Cyber Security Expert in Residence at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology to answer that question.


Andrew Hacker - Cyber Security Expert in Residence, Harrisburg University of Science and Technology (Photo / )

Also, in 1927, the Germans set to sea the Cap Arcona, a luxury liner to rival the Titanic.  Once Hitler came to power, the ship was actually used as a stand-in for the Titanic in a feature film full of Nazi propaganda.

During World War II, the Cap Arcona served as a transport, a troop barracks and a floating concentration camp for Jews imprisoned by the Nazis.  The demise of the ship is even more tragic and little known.

Author and historian Robert P. Watson tells the tale of the doomed Cap Arcona in his new book, The Nazi Titanic.  Watson joins us on Smart Talk to tell the story of the doomed cruise ship.

Robert P. Watson is the featured speaker at Chizuk Emuna Congregation in Harrisburg October 8th at 4 p.m.

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Robert Watson


- Considering the multiple breaches of security over the last few years that have directly affected me (Veterans Affairs (VA) laptop stolen, Target stores, my auto Insurance carrier and the most disappointing breach with Equifax (The people who are supposed to be protecting our information) what am I to do to protect my most vital information? I'm tired of getting letters saying there was a possible breach and "we are doing everything we can to protect you privacy." Frankly, I'm simply tired of it. 

I work in healthcare and if ANYONE from the housekeeper to the CEO is found to have breached HIPPA regulations, their position is terminated. 

Why do we not expect the same rigor with out most vital of personal information?


What is the average Joe like me to do, I have no control over what these people do with my information other than pay for additional services to protect the information these people should be more responsible with?   - Dave, Carlisle

- Considering the data breach issue, wouldn't it make sense that any company issuing new credit or for that matter,  Equifax or someone else, dig deeper to ensure the credit request is not a result of breached information                                                                          - Robert, Chambersburg

- How do you know if your data has been breached? Is Equifax required to notify you?            - Tanya

- I would like to propose, not sure to who, that all 3 credit bureaus place a freeze on all accounts and people can opt out of the freeze when/if they need to...and equifax shoiuld have to pay for it.                       - Gary

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