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Host: Scott LaMar

Farmacology: Total Health from the Ground Up/Civil Discourse with Alexander Heffner

Written by Scott LaMar, Smart Talk Host/Executive Producer | Sep 19, 2017 4:06 AM


What to look for on Smart Talk Tuesday, September 19, 2017:

This year's Summer Read on WITF was Dr. Daphne Miller's Farmacology: Total Health from the Ground Up.  Dr. Miller appears on Tuesday's Smart Talk to discuss a fascinating journey from an egg farm in rural Arkansas, where all the hens weren't stressed from living in cages to urban farms or gardens in the Bronx that provide more vegetables to those living in the city and maybe even contribute to less crime.

Dr. Miller addresses the concept that "eating healthy food" may not be the only way to good health and introduces the idea that it's the farm where the food is grown that offers the real medicine.

She'll talk about soil, bacteria that contributes to a good diet and beef cattle that graze on grass like bison.

Daphne Miller 2.png

Dr. Daphne Miller

Also on Tuesday's show, civil discourse seems to be an old-fashioned concept in America.  Today's political discussion is often characterized by loud voices, no willingness to compromise and a vilification of those who disagree with one another.

Alexander Heffner, the host of The Open Mind on WITF-TV and PBS is in Central Pennsylvania to discuss civil discourse.  He'll join us on the program.


Alexander Heffner


- Wanted to share that as a result of reading your book I have found myself wondering at certain moments "am I an Arkansa chicken or Heartland!  i.e.. stress eating vs exercise Thoroughly enjoyed the read.       - Rebecca

- I attended the Pressroom event last night for Dr Millers talk as I manage a local farmer's market and hope to find ways to get this critically important message to our local population.  People need to know that the farmers who are caring for the soil in the regenerative manner Daphne describes can be found at local producer only farmer's markets all over south central PA.  These hard working farmers need and deserve support from all of us and the health benefits to each of us from supporting them is immeasurable.  Despite our very busy lives it is so important in so many ways to shop local, know and support your local farmers, and reap the innumerous delicious healthy benefits!                         - Meg Gleason - Director, Farmers Market in Hershey

-  The soy beans discussion today didn't help your interviewee's point. Soy and corn may not go to the ends she wants, but soy planting does provide a way to enrich the soil with nutrients that the corn takes away. Rotation is an ancient agricultural method of low-impact fertilization.               - Irene, Landisville

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