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The State of Real Estate / Pipeline Update

Written by Rich Copeland - Producer, WITF's Smart Talk | Aug 27, 2017 4:00 PM
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While much of the country was financially crippled by the recession of 2008, the Central Pennsylvania region weathered the storm better than most other regions.  Ten years later, the residential real estate market is plugging along at a healthy rate. 

Property values and the price of new and existing homes are on an upswing and sales have spiked in the last quarter.  The market is adjusting to the everchanging consumer habits as baby boomers are shifting to properties that meet their lifestyles in retirement and millennials apprehensive to buy homes while saddled with student debt.

Smart Talk will look at the state of residential real estate in the region with Bob Fox, the incoming vice-president of the Greater Harrisburg Association of Realtors; Jennifer King, president of the Lancaster County Association of Realtors; Mark McNaughton, chairman of government affairs for the Pennsylvania Builders Association and Cheryl Young, a senior economist with the real estate website

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Jennifer King, President, Lancaster County Association of Realtors / Mark McNaughton - Chairman of Government Affairs, Pennsylvania Builders Association / Bob Fox - incoming Vice-president, Greater Harrisburg Association of Realtors

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Cheryl Young - Senior Economist,

Also, two recent federal court decisions could lead to costly delays or even stall some of the major pipeline projects planned to ship natural gas from the Marcellus Shale to new markets.

StateImpact Pennsylvania reporter Marie Cusick joins us to discuss the recent developments.

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Marie Cusick - StateImpact Pennsylvania Reporter


- Dodd Frank is a favorable government regulation in order to prevent a financial crisis.  We need to work with it and not denigrate it.

Second, the environmental regulations were enacted for a reason.  just look at the chaos in the Huston area where there is little regulation.

The local and regional economy, as well as the comunities, are more than capable to live up to the quality of life these regulations help us to maintain.     - Mark, Steelton

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