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Functional Medicine / Veterinary Advances

Written by Rich Copeland - Producer, WITF's Smart Talk | Jul 24, 2017 8:00 PM
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Functional medicine is a form of preventative care; the focus being on maintaining a healthy relationship between the organs and entire systems.  Treatment includes detoxification, the use of homeopathic supplements and individualized nutritional plans.  Proponents of functional medicine say this approach addresses root causes of illness and disease.

Smart Talk will explore the use of functional medicine and its applications in the region.  Guest host Valerie Pritchett of ABC 27 speaks with Dr. John Neely, a functional medicine practitioner certified by American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine.

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Dr. John Neely - Functional Medicine Practitioner, Turnpaugh Health and Wellness Center

Also, the field of veterinary medicine has seen incredible advancements over the years; from acupuncture for your Airedale to CAT scans for your cat.  Issues of medical ethics are being applied to the world of animal medicine as Americans develop familial connections to their pets. 

Smart Talk will look at the veterinary sciences in 2017 and take your questions with Dr. Christine Bunner of the Rossmoyne Animal Hospital and Dr. Alan Kirmayer, Chief of Staff at the Animal Hospital of Rye in Marysville.

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Dr. Christine Bunner - Rossmoyne Animal Hospital / Dr. Alan Kirmayer - Chief of Staff, Animal Hospital of Rye in Marysville

val p.png

Valerie Pritchett - ABC 27


- We have a dog age 10 that was diagnosed with Lymphoma type b intermediate she is Complete remission. The Oncologist that we are working with wants to add more treatments and we decided to stop after the intial 8 treatments because some of the side affects really knocked her down and had to go into our vet for IV for diarrhea We are really torn on what to do this is one of the hardest decisions we have ever made about our pet who we love like our children. We just want her to live out her life with some dignity instead always going to the vets which really stressed her out. Please help     - Daisy

- When I was growing up we had Kennel-ration and Alpo. Dogs lived until 12-14 years. Now  we are told to give them all these premium dog foods with all sorts of supplements. They still live to 12-14 years. Are the new foods just commercial hype?                                               - George

- Any special recommendations for tick-prevention products? Also does the Lyme vaccine for pets work 100%?    - Joe, Elizabethtown

- I had to have a beloved husky euthanized, and when he got the shot, he died very suddenly. I have been disturbed about this for five years. I thought he would go gently to sleep. Can you tell us about euthanasia and what we should ask for from a vet?                         - Gloria, Hummelstown

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