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TAXES! / A Divided Nation

Written by Rich Copeland - Producer, WITF's Smart Talk | Apr 2, 2017 8:00 PM
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On Monday's Smart Talk explore the reasons Americans are so politically polarized.  Author Jonathan Haidt argues that political affiliations stem from the elements people use to establish moral and ethical guidelines.  The polarity of those ethical judgements force people to either the liberal or conservative side, that people are subject to their own psychological predispositions.

April Kelly-Woessner is Professor of Political Science and Chair of the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Legal Studies at Elizabethtown College where Haidt will speak this Thursday night.  She has written extensively about political intolerance and the lack of viewpoint diversity in higher education.  Dr. Kelly-Woessner appears on Monday's Smart Talk.

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Dr. April Kelly-Woessner - Professor and Department Chair, Department of Political Science, Elizabethtown College

There have been a few examples within the past month.  Author Charles Murray has been called a white nationalist and became best known after writing a book that claimed blacks weren't as intelligent as whites.  Protestors became violent at Middlebury College in Vermont last month when Murray was scheduled to speak and shouted down Murray at Villanova University last week.

Two weeks until Tax Day - have you filed yet?  If not, Smart Talk will discuss recent changes to the tax code, what can and cannot be deducted and filing options.  Certified Public Accountants Eric MacCollum and John Steffe will join us to answer your questions about everybody's favorite subject - income tax.  And remember, the deadline for filing federal income taxes has been pushed back a few days this year to Tuesday, April 18.


Certified Public Accountants Eric MacCollum and John Steffe


on taxes:

- How come you can claim alimony paid to an ex-spouse but cant claim any child support paid to support your own child ?                                - Dave

- I am awaiting a corrected Form 1095-A and need to apply for an Extension because the Government ACA Marketplace has sent me an incorrect 1095-A which, by the way, was not sent to me until late March.

I am having difficulty contacting the IRS to request an extension in filing until the Government Marketplace sends me the 1095-A with correct information.

Please help.                                 - Donna

I have a 16 year old grandson who earned $900 last year as a score keeper doing basketball games.   I claim him on my tax return.  Must I count his income on my federal return?

Does he need to file a PA State return?                - Hal

- I'm over 65 and work full time as a Realtor. Can I set aside money in a retirement fund, an IRA or 401k?                                   - Thomas

on political division:

I feel like I've been hearing freedom of speech come up a lot lately, starting with Trump's campaign rallys being shut down because of protesters. I feel its a little disingenuous for people to keep bringing up the free speech arguement. First off, in my opinion, freedom of speech means that the government isn't going to arrest you for speaking your mind. It doesn't mean that everyone else has to listen to your ideas. The first amendment doesn't shield you from criticism or consequences. If you're yelled at, boycotted, have your show cancelled or get banned from an internet community it doesn't mean your first amendment rights are being violated, it just means that the people listening to you think your ideas are way out of line. (I copied this from an internet cartoon I read but I think it's worded very well)

 Secondly, while a white supremacist speaking in Vermont might have been shut down, hundreds (or thousands, I'm not sure of the details) of students used their freedom of speech to stop someone from spreading hatred and intolerance. There's an opportunity issue here that's not being addressed. I have the freedom of speech to criticize a white supremacist speaker, but no platform to make myself heard. I have opposing views to your guest today but I don't expect you're going to devote an entire hour to my views on the subject. I don't have millions of dollars to run for president and I don't have the skill set to write a book or become a political pundit and appear on a radio show. Sometimes the only way for people to make themselves heard is to be loud and disruptive and break a few windows. 

 So count me among those who are intolerant towards intolerance. I'll do my best to disrupt anyone advocating hatred and intolerance and fascism, and I'll cheer for every Richard Spencer who gets punched in the face on live tv.                                           - Matt

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