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Host: Scott LaMar

1A Host Joshua Johnson / F&M Researcher Dr. Lauren Howard

Written by Scott LaMar | Feb 22, 2017 8:06 AM
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1A host Joshua Johnson

What to look for Smart Talk Wednesday February 22, 2017:

 The program 1A - hosted by Joshua Johnson - made its debut at the beginning of January on WITF-FM and on public radio stations across the country.   1A replaced the Diane Rehm Show after Rehm's retirement late last year.  Joshua Johnson is on Wednesday's Smart Talk to discuss the early months of 1A and civil conversation at a volatile time in the nation's history. 

Human beings and gorillas share 99% of DNA - and while that 1% demonstrates a remarkable difference between the two species, that 99% points to considerably more similarities.

Dr. Lauren Howard is an Assistant Professor of Psychology & Scientific and Philosophical Studies of Mind at Franklin and Marshall College.  She recently led a team of researchers studying the social and communicative development of chimpanzees and gorillas.  Their research concluded that these primates develop memories and skills based on observations of live beings - that they are more inclined to learn from people or other primates than from non-organic examples.  She appears on Wednesday's program.

Dr. Howard is also the director of the Early Social Cognition Lab at F&M's Development and Experience (DAX) Center, providing three innovative child development research labs.  Information about becoming involved with the center's research can be found at their website,

Last month, President Trump met with Robert Kennedy Jr. who is someone who questions whether vaccinations for children are safe and whether they may contribute to or cause autism.  Kennedy left that meeting saying Trump asked him to head up a committee to research the safety of vaccines.   

Dr. Loren Robinson, the Deputy Secretary for Promotion and Prevention in the Pennsylvania Department of Health is with us on Smart Talk to discuss vaccinations.

WITF's ultimedia News Director recently led a WITF listener excursion to Cuba.  He tells about it on Smart Talk.

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