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Minorities in Donald Trump's America / World Diabetes Day

Written by Rich Copeland - Producer, Smart Talk | Nov 14, 2016 3:00 AM

Ted Martin - Executive Director, Equality PA / Salaam Bhatti - Deputy Spokesperson, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community / Gloria Vazquez Merrick - Executive Director, Latino Hispanic American Community Center of Greater Harrisburg

The 2016 presidential race included more caustic rhetoric than any in recent memory.  The Republican Candidate, President-Elect Donald Trump built his platform on shoring up the southern border and cracking down on illegal immigrants.  He proposed a ban on Muslims entering the country.  The Republican platform includes stripping away the right to marriage for gay couples, not allowing transgendered Americans to use the facilities of their choice, even allowing parents to force their gay children into "conversion therapy" - a practice opposed by the Obama administration.

These campaign points are now of concern to those groups as Trump prepares to assume the presidency this January.

We will talk to leaders in the Islamic, Latino and LGBT communities about their concerns and what they are hearing from Pennsylvanians regarding this transition of power.

Joining us to discuss these issues are Salaam Bhaati, Deputy Spokesperson for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and Ted Martin, Executive Director of Equality Pennsylvania and Gloria Vazquez Merrick, Executive Director for the Latino Hispanic American Community Center of Greater Harrisburg.

Also, today is World Diabetes Day - first recognized by the International Diabetes Foundation (IDF) in 1991, the day was established to address concerns about the growing threat of diabetes on world health.

415 million adults live with diabetes - one in two adults with diabetes is undiagnosed and the goal of the IDF is to facilitate one million individual screenings for Type 2 Diabetes through community organization and a social media campaign.

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Dr. Renu Joshi - Endocrinologist, PinnacleHealth / Dr. Loren Robinson - Deputy Secretary, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Pennsylvania Department of Health

Joining Smart Talk to discuss World Diabetes Day and the impact the disease has on Pennsylvanians are  Dr. Loren Robinson, Deputy Secretary for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention at the Pennsylvania Department of Health and Dr. Renu Joshi, an Endocrinologist at PinnacleHealth.


On Trump Presidency:

I haven't heard anyone mention the fact that many latinos wait decades to come to the US legally, often then families being torn apart because some family members no longer qualify for a visa (children age out once they become adults). From first hand conversations I know there isn't much sympathy from these legal immigrants for those coming illegally.

- Catherine 

Jimmey Kimmel did a skit on the stages of grief and I think it was appropriate to this situation, but the last one is acceptance.

I am lucky as I am a white woman and so it might make it easier for me to say this but, I accept that Donald Trump won the presidency.

As the electoral college played out, more of the country chose him.

It hurts my feelings that I am not going to get my way but it is my job to keep calm and carry on (reference to the british slogan intended).

I believe that protestors and dissentors need to focus on things that can be changed in the next 4 years; I think one thing that should really be re-evaluated is the electoral college.

Two times in this century the popular vote had a different result than the electoral college and this century has not been here very long and it seems that something needs to be changed.

I hope that in the next 4 years some strong and smart leaders emerge so that we do not have the same choices next presidential election.

- anon

In this morning's conversation about people's fears regarding a Trump presidency it may be helpful to keep these things in mind:

1. A lot of rhetoric gets expressed in campaigns that never gets implemented.

2. Perhaps we should park our fears rather than nurture and stir them up until we see something substantial to fear then we can deal with it.

- Gene



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