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Host: Scott LaMar

Smart Talk: Libertarian Congressional candidate; Political satire

Written by Scott LaMar, Smart Talk Host/Executive Producer | Oct 18, 2016 4:17 AM
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What to look for on Smart Talk Tuesday, October 18, 2016:

In a year when many voters have complained they're not happy with the Democratic and Republican candidates -- at least in the presidential race -- candidates from other political parties are getting some attention.  Maybe not a lot and that's one of their complaints.

As WITF continues Election 2016 coverage before next month's election, Smart Talk is featuring conversations with many of the national and state candidates.

Appearing on Tuesday's program is 16th Congressional District candidate Shawn Patrick House, who is representing the Libertarian Party.

Shawn Patrick House.png

Shawn Patrick House, Libertarian Candidate for PA 16th Congressional District

The 16th District is made up of parts of Lancaster, Berks and Chester Counties.

Also, Saturday Night Live has long poked fun at and used politicians as the butt of their jokes.  The Hillary Clinton-Donald Trump match-up this year has provided lots of material for the show and apparently last Saturday's sketch infuriated Trump. 

After the show aired, Trump tweeted "Watched Saturday Night Live hit job on me.  Time to retire the boring and unfunny show.  Alec Baldwin portrayal stinks.  Media rigging election." 

Political satire has been around since before there was a United States.  For hundreds of years it was in the form of political cartoons. 


Dr. Alison Dagnes - Professor of Political Science, Shippensburg University / Dr. Amelia Rauser - Professor of Art History, Franklin and Marshall College

To discuss that history is Dr. Amelia Rauser, Professor of Art History, Chair of the Art and Art History at Franklin and Marshall College, Author of the 2008 book Caricature Unmasked and Dr. Alison Dagnes, a Professor of Political Science at Shippensburg University, author of the book, A Conservative Walks Into a Bar...

cartoon 1.png

James Gillray

cartoon 4.png
cartoon 2.png
cartoon 3.png
cartoon 5.png
For Shawn Patrick House:

I have been a Libertarian for 20 years now. Can you discuss the erroneous statement, "You're throwing your vote away" if you vote Libertarian?    -Manuel

I hear that you want to Deregulate the growth of cannabis, even suggesting that people can grow in their backyard. But how do you propose that we pay for this opioid epidemic? It seems to me that taxing and regulating the cannabis industry would be the best way to fund programs that help addicts.  - Angelina

I do not know much about libertarianism, but I find the guest's views compelling.  My question is this: what is your opinion about the state park system and, in that vein, the national park system?               -Sarah

In addition to Libertarians being against the obvious overreaches of government, I believe that they are also against programs that are more mainstream such as Medicare and Social Security.  Can you ask your guest about these more controversial aspects of the philosophy?          -Lee

On Political Satire:

Can you guest discuss how we've come from Chevy Chase, looking nothing like Gerald Ford, to Alec Baldwin doing Trump.          -Manuel 

Alec Baldwin's impression of Trump is barely more ridiculous than trump's own behavior at the debates so I really don't understand why he and his supporters are so outraged.                            -Matt 



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