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In Search of PA's Voters / State Supreme Court Act 13 Ruling

Written by Richard Copeland | Oct 4, 2016 12:05 PM
Pennsylvania has voted Democrat in every presidential election since 1992 but this year the state could serve as the lynchpin in the race for electoral votes.  As the presidential candidates try to court votes in one of the most divided electorates ever, experts try to pin down the elusive "undecided voter" who could tip the balance and try to understand the motivations of today's voters.

Three reporters from the York Daily Record have traveled the state to meet voters and learn from them how and why Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both connect with and repel Pennsylvanians.

ydr elections.png

(l-r) Ed Mahon, Paul Kuehnel, Mike Argento - York Daily Record

Reporter Ed Mahon met with Donald Trump supporters in Luzerne County to discuss the appeal of the Republican's unprecedented and bombastic campaign style and learn what resonates the most about his policies and personality.

Columnists Mike Argento and photographer Paul Kuehnel traveled Route 30, the old Lincoln Highway, from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh meeting Pennsylvania voters from all points on the political spectrum.  They documented their journey for the York Daily Record in words and images, and they will share the stories of the people they met while they weave a narrative combining both the frustrations and the optimism that both unites and divides Pennsylvanians.

They'll describe what they heard from voters on Tuesday's Smart Talk.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently struck down portions of "Act 13" - the controversial 2012 oil and gas law that was deemed too friendly to the drilling industry.

A majority of the court tossed out legal restrictions on physicians' access to information about fracking chemicals. The court also ruled against the use of  eminent domain for underground natural gas storage facilities, and held that the exclusion of private wells from notification of hazardous spills is unconstitutional.

Marie Cusick.png

Marie Cusick, Reporter, StateImpact Pennsylvania

State Impact Pennsylvania reporter Marie Cusick will speak on Smart Talk about the ruling and what it may mean for Pennsylvanians living in the Marcellus Shale region and how the opinion could impact the industry.


"I think that there are more closeted Hillary supporters than what is realized. Because Trump supporters are so aggressive in their rhetoric and sometimes just downright rude with their personal attacks, it is just easier to keep your mouth shut. The personal attacks that personify the Trump campaign are intimidating to anyone not supporting Trump."             -Lisa

"We live in the "Alabama" T section of Pennsylvania. Waynesboro, Franklin County, is two-thirds Republican and one-third Democrats. Our Clinton/Kaine sign is the only one we have seen in our development of middle-class people. Several Trump signs. 
Can your guests comment on what many people have told me. They can't vote for either candidate. Will that favor one over the other?"            -Pat, Waynesboro

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