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2015 Top Stories on Smart Talk: Kane; Porngate and what it says about those who exchanged inappropriate emails

Written by Scott LaMar, Smart Talk Host/Executive Producer | Dec 31, 2015 4:09 AM
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What to look for on Smart Talk Thursday, December 31, 2015:

On Thursday's installment of The Top Stories of 2015 on Smart Talk series, Smart Talk looks back on criminal charges filed against Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane and two issues her legal troubles brought attention to -- whether pornographic and other inappropriate emails exchanged between prosecutors, lawyers and judges signaled a relationship too cozy and who views pornography in the first place.

At a preliminary hearing last August, a judge determined there was enough evidence for Attorney General Kathleen Kane to be tried on charges of leaking secret grand jury information and then lying about it under oath.  Later in the week, pornographic emails between former prosecutors, investigators, and others in the A-G's office were released.  Kane has said the people who sent those emails and wanted to keep their involvement quiet are behind the charges against her. 

Angela Couloumbis of the Philadelphia Inquirer is one of the journalists who broke many of the stories related to Kane's activities appears on Wednesday's Smart Talk.

Meanwhile, former U.S. Attorney Peter Vaira says pornographic, racist, and religiously offensive emails exchanged between state police, officials in the Attorney General's office, and judges may be inappropriate or at least can be perceived that way and not just because of their content.

Finally, Dr. Mary Anne Layden, a psychotherapist who specializes in the treatment of victims and perpetrators of sexual violence, sex addicts and sexual exploitation at the University of Pennsylvania says pornography is so prevalent that it has become as public health problem and has an impact on the brains and behavior of those who view pornographic images on a regular basis.

Dr. Layden explains on Thursday's Smart Talk.

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