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Host: Scott LaMar

Smart Talk: Budget progress?; Preserving history of people with a disability in PA

Written by Scott LaMar, Smart Talk Host/Executive Producer | Nov 10, 2015 10:30 AM
Harrisburg State Hospital 600x400.jpg

Harrisburg State Hospital as it appears today/Photo by WITF'S Ben Allen

What to look for on Smart Talk Tuesday, November 10, 2015:

There could be some progress in the 133 day state budget stalemate -- at least that was the word Monday night from both the governor's office and Republican legislative leaders.  WITF's Capitol Bureau Chief Mary Wilson updates us on Smart Talk.

History is often remembered with an eye toward the winners, those who overcame long odds to be successful, or people who were inspirational.  At the same time, there are periods in the past when groups of people were marginalized, discriminated against, targeted for violence, and ostracized.  That history isn't told quite as often.

People with disabilities were one of those groups.

A person living with an intellectual or physical disability or with a mental illness most often was sent to an asylum to live or be "treated."

A campaign is underway to remember and honor those with a disability in Pennsylvania and preserve the institutions where many of them lived, including the Harrisburg State Hospital.

We'll learn more about it on Tuesday's Smart Talk.

Appearing on the program are Dana Olsen, Projects Manager of the Pennsylvania History Coalition Honoring People with Disability, David Morrison, Director of the Historic Harrisburg Association, Maureen Cronin, Executive Director of the ARC of Pennsylvania and Dr. Jim Conroy, co-president of the Pennhurst Memorial and Preservation Alliance


Dana Olsen and Dr. Jim Conroyst2.jpg

Maureen Cronin and David Morrison

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  • ihileman img 2015-11-10 10:01

    Don't forget Elizabethtown State Hospital that served young people with physical disabilities.

  • Scott LaMar img 2015-11-10 11:06

    A comment from WITF's Facebook page...
    Regarding Tuesday's Smart Talk: I spent a summer interning at the PA State Archives and got to spend some time with the records associated with the state hospital system. Many of these institutions had newsletters that showed a vibrant sense of community among the staff and residents, at least in the first half of the 20th century. Would love to hear more about this seemingly positive side of that caregiver/patient relationship and how it got distorted.