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Host: Scott LaMar

Smart Talk: Cyberattacks on energy, infrastructure; Hershey's Nourishing Minds

Written by Scott LaMar, Smart Talk Host/Executive Producer | Oct 28, 2015 9:05 AM
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What to look for on Smart Talk Wednesday, October 28, 2015:

In the months and years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, security experts attempted to envision every conceivable target of future acts of terrorism.  Most of them involved "hard" targets like buildings or aircraft, buses or trains.  It was also suggested that water supplies could be contaminated or poisoned as well or a terrorist would go after a nuclear plant.

Fourteen years later, the technology has changed.  Terrorists haven't been inclined to use that technology but agents for foreign governments have.  Of course today, computer hackers any where in the world have shown they can compromise even the most secure networks.

That's one of the reasons some feel a cyber attack is the most serious threat of all.

A nuclear plant could still be a target but so could others that provide energy to Americans or the infrastructure that delivers it.

Cyber security is a real concern for the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.  PUC Commissioner Pamela Witmer appears on Wednesday's Smart Talk to explain why. 


PUC Commissioner Pamela Witmer

The Hershey Company may be best known for its chocolate and sweet confections.  As the kids go trick or treating this week, you'll no doubt raid their bags and sample a few of your favorites. 

But Hershey's is providing a healthier snack in West Africa.  As part of Hershey's Nourishing Minds project, children in Ghana are receiving food packets designed to provide better nutrition to them.  

Joining us on Wednesday's show to discuss their programs is Jeff King, Senior Director, Global Marketing for Hershey and Reese's.


Jeff King

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  • Radio Smart Talk img 2015-10-28 09:19

    Nicole emails:

    There have been several reports that note the vulnerability of our electricity grid by terrorist attacks; it seems that investing in community based energy solutions and/or rooftop solar power systems has a lot of benefit - not just in terms of security but our environment as well. Can you please share your thoughts on this approach?

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